The Kanex recruitment process is a professional program which allows us to get to know you better and gives you a chance to become familiar with the standards of the job you are offered:

The program involves:

  • 4 recruitment stages
  • a wide range of tools (tests, job samples, etc.)
  • optimal opportunity to get to know the candidate
  • employment of the best candidates

All current recruitment processes are described in the Job Offers tab. If you don’t find a desired job offer - send us your application without reference to a particular position.

Recruitment stages:

Stage I

Detailed analysis of received applications.

Our specialists read every CV and covering letter sent to us in order to check whether a given candidate fulfils the requirements specified in the job advertisement. In this stage candidates are also selected. The shortlisted candidates are referred to the second stage, i.e. a job interview.

Stage II

Job interview.

During a job interview a candidate is asked questions which serve to verify his or her competences, skills and obtain information about his or her previous work experience. The job interview is usually conducted by more than one person, as it ensures higher objectivity when assessing skills of a given person.

Since this stage is a key step in the recruitment process, a candidate may be asked to attend even a few interviews during which various recruitment tools are used.

Recruitment tools

Depending on the recruitment process, you may be asked to sit a recruitment test. This will allow us to match your knowledge, skills and professional experience with the profile of the job you are applying for.

We use, among others:

  • analytical tests which check, among others, logical reasoning;
  • foreign language tests, which allow us to verify your knowledge of a given foreign language;
  • job samples, which allow you to show your current knowledge and skills.

Before our meeting, remember:

  • to prepare well for the interview - take all documents you might need during such a meeting, including: your CV, diploma, certificates on completed courses or training;
  • to be on time - it is recommended that you arrive earlier and wait; if you already know you might be late, please inform us;
  • to ask questions - do not be afraid to ask questions, we will also be there to ensure that you leave the meeting satisfied and sure that you want to work for us.

Stage III

Recruitment process completion.

In this stage a decision will be made regarding employment of the candidate who meets the requirements of our successful candidate profile.

nce the recruitment process is complete, all persons who attended a job interview will receive an e-mail or a phone call with feedback on the result of the recruitment process.

Stage IV

Feedback and employment decision

At the end of the recruitment process, you will be contacted by an HR specialist or your future superior who will provide you with relevant feedback.

The successful candidates will be presented a job offer. You will be invited to our office again where you will learn all details regarding your future job and you will have a chance to ask our employees any additional questions you might have.

NOTE: In every stage of recruitment we guarantee discretion and confidentiality.

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