We produce a wide range of distribution cabinets. Our current production includes more than 120 types of cabinets. The steel sheet we use is always of top quality. The powder paint applied for coating is based on the RAL system.

The workmanship quality as well as aesthetic appearance of the cabinets allow for placing them in the any part of the building without affecting its architectural values. The robust structures ensure stability of the cabinets and security of distributor fastening.

We guarantee high workmanship quality controlled throughout the entire production process. The sheet metal used for production comes from a reliable source. We purchase only certified material.

We implement the concepts of our customers. At the same time, we draw on experience of our qualified staff. We will ensure technical support at every stage of cooperation starting from needs identification by creating a prototype/model ending with the selection of proper packaging and mode of delivery.


Waterproof cabinets constitute a new “trend” in construction, particularly, on the Scandinavian markets.

Rack cabinets of this type have safe and first and foremost, waterproof structures. The cabinet owes its watertightness to a rubber seal system. A plastic partition placed inside the cabinet serves as additional protection from water leakage.


  • A water outlet at the bottom of the cabinet is connected to the system by means of rubber seal.
  • Ribs enabling connection of controllers are mounted on the top of the cabinet.
  • A mounting plate for electric equipment is placed inside the casing.
  • The cabinet has a lock or other type of fastening selected by a customer.
  • Inside the casing there is a plastic partition which serves as protection in case of water leakage.
  • The cabinet contains a set of screws and rubber seals for mounting.


Tool cabinets can be used in warehouses, production halls, gauge and standards rooms, workshops, service stations.

The robust structure of cabinets is made of high quality steel metal. All elements are powder coated with the use of the RAL system. The drawers with ball slides enable the user to draw them out completely in addition to ensuring their long service life. By mounting two immovable wheels and two rotational wheels such cabinets can become mobile. Upon the customer’s request we mount various types of locks, including central locking, which can block all drawers.


  • Made of high quality steel sheet.
  • Powder coated (colour can be selected from the RAL system).
  • They are equipped with a lock blocking all drawers.
  • A cabinet top may be lined with a rubber petrol- and oil-proof mat.
  • Drawers with ball slides.
  • Two immovable and two rotational wheels.


Professional workshop tables serve as a perfect and ordered work stand in a production hall, workshop, warehouse or a tool stand, a repair stand, an assembly stand, a control stand, a fitter stand, etc.

They thus constitute robust furniture for everyone - from those working in a small workshop to those in specialised production halls. A robust table structure is made of cold-rolled closed sections. All table elements are powder coated by the RAL system.


  • The table structure is made of steel sheet 1.5 mm thick.
  • The tables contain a cabinet made of steel sheet 1 mm thick.
  • Powder coated (colour selected from the RAL system)
  • The top is made of plywood from deciduous tree with the thickness customised to the customer’s requirements.
  • The drawers are equipped with ball slides and central locking.
  • The drawers are lined with an oil-proof rubber mat.