PPSU - polyphenylsulfone - most advanced plastic used for production of joints - ensures: absolute resistance to corrosion processes, neutrality in contact with drinking water, durability of fittings higher than of pipes, mechanical strength. The technology of manufacturing PPSU connections prevents occurrence of concealed defects. Production of PPSU fittings requires much less energy in comparison to brass fittings, which in turn is favourable to natural environment. The technologically advanced PPSU fittings manufacturing process guarantees 100% product repeatability. The remaining advantages include:

  • Niższa cena w porównaniu z kształtkami mosiężnymi wynikająca z technologii produkcji.
  • Lower prices in comparison to prices of brass fittings achieved thanks to the production technology.
  • The material used for production combined with proper structure of fittings ensures durability of the system.
  • Highly aesthetic appearance and smoothness of the surface
  • High impact strength and mechanical load resistance
  • No occurrence of corrosion
  • The design of PPSU fittings reduces assembly time
  • Due to their reduced weight, PPSU fittings are more easily transported and stored than brass fittings.
  • Higher resistance to ageing and high temperatures
  • Higher resistance to chemicals and chlorine compounds
  • Improved impact strength at low temperatures
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Resistance to abrasion